Recertification Package 30 Years Anniversary Offer

Your chance to update your certificate and knowledge now with AMAZING DISCOUNTS in celebration of our 30 years anniversary!  Check out the two offers below.

Offer 1 Recertification of the same certificate

If your certificate has expired or is expiring soon then this is the perfect time to do a recertification while enjoying an awesome discount.  You will get a new active certificate, valid for 3 years, and the latest version of the courseware(s) for your review and reference.  Check out these incredible prices!

Recertification Package Standard Price
Offer now!
CDCP 400 125
CDCS 550 150
CDCE 750 250
CDFOM 550 125
CDRP 400 125
CDMS 400 125
CTDC 550 125
CTIA 400 150
CITS 450 150

Recertification has NEVER been this affordable. Offer is for a limited time only so buy NOW!

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Offer 2 FREE* recertification when you upgrade to the next level!

If you have an expired certificate on a multi-level training path, consider upgrading to the next level. You will be able to gain an extra and higher-level certificate while recertifying your current certificate for FREE!
For example; if you have an expired CDCP and under this program you apply for a CDCS course then you will get the updated CDCP courseware PLUS the CDCP exam for FREE as part of your CDCS course package.

This offer applies for the following:

  • CDCP upgrade to CDCS
  • CDCS upgrade to CDCE
  • CTDC upgrade to CTIA

 Offer 2 is available in selected countries only. Request for more information now - CLICK HERE!


General Terms and Conditions (Offer 1 & 2):

  • Each Recertification Package includes self-study e-Book(s) and exam(s). 
    Offer 2 includes the Recertification Package and the next level course which is either classroom or VILT. 
  • All exams are Exam-Anywhere (online) with the exception of CDCE which has to be taken at an authorised training centre.
  • Availability. Offer 1 is available globally except in Japan. Offer 2 is available in selected countries. 
  • Expiry. This offer is valid until 31 Dec 2017 (last order date is 29 Dec 2017, due to the 31 Dec falling on a weekend).


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