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The EPI IT Training Framework© is the ­first and only vendor-neutral competency-based IT Training Framework in the world for IT professionals to keep up-to-date and remain relevant in this fast-paced and increasingly complex industry. It is also the ­first and only IT Training Framework aligned to the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF).

The EPI IT Training Framework© offers a career track at three levels:

  • CITP (Certi­fied IT Professional)
  • CITS (Certi­fied IT Specialist)
  • CITE (Certi­fied IT Expert)

The three training courses are independent. An IT professional can enter the track at any level upon meeting the pre-requisite on number of years’ experience.

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EPI IT Training Overview Brochure  |  e-CF Fact Sheet  |  EPI IT Training Framework and the e-CF


CITP® - Certified IT Professional

CITP is the fi­rst level in the EPI IT Training Framework©. This course focuses on the skills, knowledge and competences required of the modern IT professional working at the entry level of IT.

CITP candidates will be able to become instantly productive having gained knowledge and understanding of the fundamental demands in modern IT infrastructures. Their improved capabilities will enable instant understanding of today’s technologies, increase efficiency and signi­cantly reduce the margin for errors.

The CITP is aligned with the e-CF competence level 1 & 2 (Associate & Professional). 

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CITS® – Certified IT Specialist

CITS is the second level in the EPI IT Training Framework©. It is designed to teach the skills, knowledge and competences required of the modern IT specialist working at the senior engineer, team-leader, supervisor or management level in IT.

Candidates who successfully complete the course and pass the CITS exam will have gained the competences to be team leaders/supervisors/managers, delivering added value to their organisations.

The CITS course is aligned with e-CF competence level 3 (Senior Professional/Manager/Consultant).

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CITE® - Certified IT Expert

CITE is the premier level in the EPI IT Training Framework© and prepares the candidate for senior leadership in IT.

Candidates passing the CITE exam can leverage with their senior peers translating business requirements in delivering high quality IT services which align to the IT strategy and its governance.

The CITE course is aligned with e-CF competence level 4 & 5 (Lead Professional/Senior Manager/Principal/IS Strategist).


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